May, 2020 · Boston, MA



1NSIGHT Summit


"The industry's only conference 100% dedicated to improving your service operations, not selling you products."

Struggling with the "service problem" and wish there were a dedicated resource to help?  This event is what you've been looking for.


If you’re a service manager, operator, or CEO of a smart-home integrator, then 1NSIGHT Summit is the one event you need to attend in 2020!

This two-day summit will be packed full of:

  • workshops on best practices

  • discussions with actual clients

  • presentations from experts on service culture, technology, and process

If you believe your future is in service, then the 1NSIGHT Summit is for you.

Why Attend

Customer service experts and industry leaders will share their expertise to help you:

  • Enhance your client experience.

Deliver a world-class service experience with consistency

  • Improve company culture.

Create a healthier, happier workforce.

  • Drive profits through service.

Realize the full potential of your clients' lifetime value.

  • Differentiate your company.

Learn to stand out in your market by leading with service.

  • Utilize the latest technology.

Discover the latest in service software, platforms, and tools.

  • Become a Technology Manager

Redefine your relationship with your clients.

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*Specific session times and lengths TBD

Business Process and Best Practices

Leading your Sale with Service: Embracing the Membership Economy

How to Manage the Demands of Service: Scheduling, Incentives, and Grit

Service is the Real Money Maker

Service vs Projects - People, Process, and Purpose

Proven Service-Based Pricing Models: Lessons from Other Industries

A Holistic Approach to the Service Experience

Making Service a Profit Driver: Pricing, Billing, and Tracking

Service Technology

Trends in Remote Systems Management

Remote Systems Management Deep Dive

Trends in Field Service Technology

Service Culture

How Internal Culture Affects External Service

Learning to Let Go with Service

From the Horse’s Mouth: 

Values and the Language of Feedback

From Integrator to Design-and-Service Only 

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